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Mary Sue Rabe explores life experiences and lessons learned such as finding your power, exploring issues of race, gender, and money.  She also offers tools to grow personally such as forgiveness, letting go, meditation, memoir writing and journal writing,

Stand There and Look Pretty Darlin'

Free Chapter

Here's the first chapter of a personal memoir I wrote that’s gotten mostly excellent reviews. The writing process made a huge difference in my life. Hopefully it will inspire you to write your own memoir, which could be rewarding.

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Mary Sue Rabe


Mary Sue Rabe is a coach, healer and an author of a book of stories about forgiveness and finding your voice. She has been an addictions counsellor, learning disabilities teacher and trainer for teachers. She has worked with 8 different energy healing modalities over the last 25 years, such as Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Sufi Healing and EHI. She is also the founder and director of "Women Healing the World", a creative community of women who want to make a difference for other women in our communities. 

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