Take Back Control of Your Life by Breaking Free

I knew I was overdrinking, but I didn’t think it was a problem for me. It was a problem for other people, like my husband.

I used to think I needed and deserved a glass of wine to relax and unwind. I started out small with one glass of wine nightly, which slowly turned into a bottle of wine a night, then a binge weekend.

I was tired of having to apologize for my behavior, feeling ashamed, gaining weight, sleeping poorly, waking up feeling physically bad and cranky, and being disappointed in myself. I wanted to change but wasn’t sure how.

At the time, when I wanted to stop drinking I had a friend attending AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings. So, I decided to attend with her. The meetings gave me a new perspective on my own behavior and my relationship to alcohol. I have learned other ways to approach finding freedom from alcohol since then.

The tools I learned helped rewire my brain, which changed everything. What I learned and practice now on a daily basis is what I teach you.

  • Do you want to stop feeling shame and embarrassment?
  • Do you want to gain back control and find your off button again?
  • Be a part of a community of other women who have taken back control.

The good news is:
You are not alone, there is nothing wrong with you.

I will share tools and a daily practice to change everything by rewiring your brain.

I will help you stop over drinking and reach your goals.

Perhaps you have lost sight of the authentic power that already resides inside of you. You are NOT powerless! Through my program you will gain back control by creating a new relationship with alcohol.

Changing this relationship will have ripple effects in all areas of your life. You will deepen relationships with loved ones, sleep better, make better food choices and lose the excess weight gain from drinking. You will be more productive, gain self-confidence, reclaim authentic fun that has been missing in your life and rediscover activities that you've been too tired or depressed to do.

You will learn to honor yourself again by committing to the promises you make when you say no to a drink and not shame yourself if you do.

Work 1-On-1 With Me

The Program:

Private weekly calls with in depth discussion that will identify the specific reasons why you over drink. I will teach you how to manage your cravings and urges and cut back on your drinking or stop drinking altogether.

If you are in need of support, I will respond either by email, text, or 15 minute phone call. Your choice of which one. You will not be alone in a time of need or overwhelm. I will respond as quickly as possible to ensure your success.

You get access to several processes you can use regularly to break yourself free of negative thoughts and feelings, and find peace and fulfillment again. For example, the forgiveness prayer is about freeing yourself from the bonds of negativity so that you can learn, grow, move on and find your freedom and happiness again. Do this prayer as many times as necessary, in as many situations as necessary until you find your freedom.

It is not uncommon to spend a lot of time focusing about what's going wrong in your life. That’s because many of us are operating from subconscious programming that feels familiar. We are naturally afraid of the unknown so it’s hard to change. That type of program no longer serves us. This coaching series helps you break free of those kinds of limiting programs.

When you keep thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things, your past becomes your future. Let me help you change and create a future you desire. 

Interested in changing your relationship with alcohol?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute coaching call to discover how to break your over drinking habit TODAY and learn more about the program.

I have the skills, experience and wisdom to assist and support you to live your authentic life.

You will learn that the answers are already inside of you. You just need to release them and bring them back to the surface.

Guilt, shame and embarrassment do not help you move forward toward the life you want to live. Otherwise you wouldn’t be over drinking. I can help you break free of negative feelings and behaviors, so you can be at peace with yourself again.

You learned to over drink, now let me help you unlearn it.

Mary Sue Rabe


Mary Sue Rabe has been an addictions counsellor, teacher, trainer, and has worked with 8 different energy healing modalities over the last 25 years. She is also the founder and director of "Women Healing the World", a creative community of women who want to make a difference for other women in our communities. Contact Mary for speaking engagements, interviews, or mentoring.

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